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Walmart Connect

Stand-out & scale on America’s largest omni-channel retailer with Walmart Connect

Cut through the growing competition, maximize your efficiency, and achieve scalable growth with Walmart Connect.

Amazon Sponsored Ads - rapid improvement


Integrated in Walmart Connect’s closed-loop system, we’ve built proprietary software to build-out, manage, and optimize your campaigns based on specific objectives.

Amazon Sponsored Ads - in house operations


We aren’t just a software company. You’ll have a dedicated Walmart Connect expert who knows not only the ins and outs of the advertising platform, but your brand, too.

Amazon Sponsored Ads - tailored approach


Data and diving deeper is in our DNA at Ad Advance. We’ll make sense of volumes of data across your advertising platforms to better inform your advertising strategy.


Our Walmart Connect proprietary software is built in-house and exclusively for our clients. This allows for quick pivots and updates that mean you can take advantage of new features before your competition.

Our funnel system ensures your Walmart Connect campaigns are efficiently discovering and scaling.
Funnel System

Our Cascade system harvests keywords and products that convert in the Auto, send them down to the Manual where we can more precisely target with more control. Those converting keywords and product targets are then set as Negatives in the Auto campaign, so it continually works as a discovery tool.

Bid Optimization System

The day-to-day grind of Walmart Sponsored Search optimization is a lot to ask of a seller or brand focused on the bigger picture. But this is where you find efficiency and room for scale. Our Ion system proactively fine-tunes bid and placement adjustments based on human-set parameters.

Our Ion system proactively fine-tunes bid and placement adjustments based on human-set parameters.
Measure the true impact of your Walmart Connect advertising with the Ad Advance client dashboard.
Reporting System

Ad Advance’s interactive client dashboard is our hub for all of our advanced reporting.

Within our client dashboard you will have access to multiple navigation points that will measure the impact of your Walmart Connect advertising on a big picture and granular level.

Ad Advance is proud to be part of the Walmart Connect Partner Network

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