Walmart: The Power of Advertising the Correct Products


in Impressions

40% increase



in Units Sold

We started working with this client on Walmart November 6 and saw immediate results.

Avg daily change since the month before launch:

+372% impressions

+107% clicks

+233% Units Sold

+28% Ad Spend

+77% Ad Sales

+40% ROAS

This case study highlights the power of advertising the correct products… and the potential we see in many Walmart accounts we audit.

How’d we do it? A simple two-Auto Campaign structure – a Catch All and an All Products Primary.

When we took over management of their account, they had just gone through a short dark period of no advertising. To re-establish baseline performance, we reviewed what had worked in the past and toggled on those campaigns. We then identified gaps and opportunities for new strategies – focusing on the Catch All and All Products Primary.

This account is both an owner of and reseller of brands, primarily in the “Pharmacy, Health & Wellness” category. For the brands that they resell, they have tighter product margins. They wanted to increase visibility but did not want to bid as aggressively and eat into their margin.

For this reason, we set up an Auto Catch All campaign utilizing minimum-allowed bids ($0.20). The strategy here was to catch any impressions that we could from this minimal bid to be able to drive the most efficient attributed ad sales possible.

Despite the tighter margins, AOV for some of these items was exceptionally strong, and for our top Item ID, a $.20 bid was able to turn 211 clicks and $42.20 in ad spend into $998.93 in total attributed ad sales, for a whopping 23X ROAS.

This particular item performance was not the exception. 

Key learning from this case is that it’s worth at least testing advertising for all products in your portfolio. Even lower-margin items may be worth exploring if there is enough demand that can be generated from minimum bids.

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