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Curious how your campaigns are actually performing?

Sign up for our free Amazon account audit to score your current campaign optimization and feature utilization.

Benefits of the Ad Advance Performance Audit

  • Break down your ad types and placements to see what’s driving your results.
  • Identify gaps and opportunities within your current strategy.
  • Receive a detailed monthly report via email to monitor your progress efficiently and consistently.
  • Gain insight into hourly performance courtesy Amazon Marketing Stream


  • Quantify Wasted Spend
  • Funnel Performance
  • Feature Utilization by Ad Type
  • Weekday Performance Overview
  • Placement Performance
  • Optimization Opportunities
  • Targeting Performance
  • Hourly Trends

Ad Advance Performance Audit FAQs

What is included in the performance audit report?

We include key performance metrics, trends over time for each ad type along with a rating on your Amazon Advertising feature utilization.  The report can be used to identify areas to focus on to improve performance and increase sales.

How is data pulled for the report?

The report uses the Amazon Advertising API to pull advertising data to generate the report.  Data is refreshed monthly before your updated monthly report is sent.  

Can my current advertising manager or other users see that I signed up for the report?

Unless you’ve granted full administrative access or share access with your primary account, other users will not be able to see that you’ve signed up for the report.  The API connection will be shown within your Login with Amazon settings for the primary account but will not be shown for other users or in the advertising console.   

Can I remove access if I no longer need the report?

Yes, you can easily remove access to the report.  To remove access, login to Amazon with your primary user account.  Then go to Account > Other Programs > Login with Amazon and then click Remove for the Ad Advance app.  

Do you share or sell my data?

No, we will never share or sell your data. 

Can I request that you delete my data if I no longer need the reports?

Yes, you can simply contact our team and we will delete your data if requested.  

Others charge for reports like this. Why do you offer it for free and what’s the catch?

We initially build this report internally to review performance for potential clients.  Since the hard work was already done building it internally, we figured that it may be helpful for other sellers or vendors so we opened it up for everyone.   

Some people who sign up for the report end up becoming clients after seeing the opportunity available while others continue to use the report as a secondary data source for reviewing campaign performance.  

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