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Key Takeaways  

  • It’s a huge advantage for sellers to get on top of Amazon’s new features early. Not only will you beat the competition but getting in early usually results in favorable CPCs and/or winning top placements. 
  • Amazon continues to add new targeting methods, new ways to bid, and new ways to reach different audiences. 
  • New features always provide better ways for sellers and advertisers to gain more control of their ads. 
  • Sellers and advertisers should always assess how a new feature will impact strategy and audience. 
  • Not all of Amazon’s new features will be widely communicated. Sellers need to pay close attention to their ad consoles for updates. 
  • If you don’t see incredible results right out of the gate, don’t give up on the new feature. Always test these new features repeatedly since Amazon is continuously fine-tuning these tools. 


Ever wonder what the future of Amazon advertising looks like? If you’re a seller or an advertiser from 2014, you know first-hand that the Amazon advertising we know today is nothing like a few years ago or even a few months ago. The advertising world is ever-changing, and we wanted to do a walk-through of Amazon’s journey in this episode, to help highlight some of the ways we can take advantage of them. 

Episode Highlights

Recap of Ad Advance Story  [01:40

Key thing sellers must do as Amazon evolves  [04:16

Where was Amazon Advertising in 2014  [05:11

The next major ad type after Sponsored Products  [06:56

How Sponsored Product Ads developed  [09:02

The Evolution of Sponsored Display  [13:39

Developments with Sponsored Brands  [17:17