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Being a successful seller on Amazon goes far beyond having the best strategies or the highest bids. Your product listings should be calling out what your competition is not in order to set your products apart and connect with WHY your customers choose your brand.

In this episode, both Joe and Brian Johnson took a step back to discuss the importance of optimizing your listings and all the areas a seller should focus on to help improve their conversion rate by creating a unique position of value with their products.

About Brian R Johnson:

 Brian R Johnson has helped over 20,000 brands succeed on Amazon through various advertising strategies and conversion rate optimization. He offers guidance to, and partners with, sellers through his online community, Amazon PPC Troubleshooting, as well as through coaching, software, training courses, and his flagship advertising agency, Canoy Management ( a multi-service, “done-for-you: Amazon agency).

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Episode Highlights:

Intro [0:26]

The importance of optimizing your listing [02:49]

Tips for optimizing your product listing [05:28]

How to structure AB tests on Amazon [11:58]

Revamping product titles [19:13]

Other items to focus on when optimizing your listing [26:31]