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Key Take-Aways: 

  • Sponsored Brands are cost-per-click ads available to sellers who are brand registered.
  • In comparison to Sponsored Product ads, Sponsored Brands are an awesome way to introduce your brand to your audience.
  • Sponsored Brand ads in addition to your storefront expand your brand presence and build connections with your customers.
  • Sponsored Brand ads show up at the top of the search results page, within the search results page, e.g., video ads and on the product listing page.
  • For landing pages, you can choose either a product collection, a product landing page, or a storefront landing page.
  • Storefront landing pages tend to have a higher conversion than the other types of landing pages.
  • Use winning keywords and product targets from your Sponsored Products campaigns to set up your Sponsored Brand campaigns.
  • Sponsored Brand video ads tend to grab your audience’s attention quicker and have excellent conversion rates.


There are many perks outside of protecting your brand when you are brand registered on Amazon. Once brand registered, you have access to advanced advertising options like Sponsored Brand Ads. Sponsored Brands, previously referred to as HSA (headline search ads), are cost-per-click ads that display your products, along with creative assets unique to your brand identity, including your logo, a custom tagline, or even a video.

In this episode, you’ll learn the key benefits of using Sponsored Brand ads. We also cover Sponsored Brands targeting types, landing pages, an overview of Sponsored Brand video ads, and a quick tip on how you can take advantage of Sponsored Brands placement data.

Where Do Sponsored Brand Ads Appear on Amazon? 

Sponsored Brand Ads appear in the following placements:

  1. Top of Search in Search Results: This would be the banner ads showcased at the very top of the search results above listings. These display up to three products and a custom copy.
  2. Sponsored Brand Impressions in Search Results: These would be video ads that show up at the bottom of the search results page.
  3. Product Page Listings: Sponsored Brand ads can also show up on a product page listing as display ads with basic images in the form of “brands similar to this product” or “similar item to consider.”

Sponsored Brands Best Practices: 

Take advantage of the creative element with Sponsored Brands, they can help you really stand out from your competition and highlight the features that make your products different. This includes the ability to use a custom image with your Sponsored Brand creatives, which not only can expand the size of the ad but also provides an opportunity for you to highlight unique features of your product either by using product image close-ups or lifestyle images.

One other best practice we recommend for Sponsored Brands is checking your search term reports and reviewing your top converting keywords for the products you’re going to be advertising. Then, align your copy with those keywords. Consistency between your copy and the customer search terms can really help form connections with your customers, thus increasing the likelihood of a click-through or conversion.

Sponsored Brands Video on Amazon: 

It can be tough to establish a solid brand presence on Amazon with how standardized everything is. Sponsored Brand video ads are one of our favorite ways to set your product or your brand apart. Sponsored Brand videos allow sellers to showcase how their products are being used. With this preview experience, the conversion rate tends to be really high.

Sponsored Brand videos also take up a large real estate on the search results page, which allows sellers to grab shoppers’ attention and share a ton of information without them clicking on the ad.

Episode Highlights: 

Sponsored Brands placement types [01:39]

The key benefit with using Sponsored Brand ads [03:02]

Sponsored Brand ad types [05:57]

Sponsored brands best practices [11:33]

Sponsored brands targeting types [14:33]

Why use Sponsored Brand video ads? [17:34]

Key things to highlight with sponsored brand videos [20:48]

Quick tip on how to use your Sponsored Brands placement data [24:22]