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Joe and Matt, owners of an Amazon advertising agency called Ad Advance, are obsessed over finding the most effective Amazon advertising strategies and building a system around them. In this episode, we provide a brief overview of the different Amazon advertising types and how you can use them, success stories about how sellers who took their businesses to the next level, and what to expect from our podcast series.


Key Takeaways

  • Sponsored Product ads generate the vast majority of impressions, so this is a great place to start for new sellers or businesses entering the Amazon space looking to launch auto and manual campaigns.
  • Once you’re brand registered, you should start running Sponsored Brand ads, especially Sponsored Brand Video ads. These ads take up a lot of real estate in search results and allow you to showcase your product in a unique light.
  • Sponsored Display ads are an interesting ad type with two different forms. They provide sellers with the opportunity to re-expose their products to shoppers off Amazon or on-site while viewing similar or complementary products.


Understanding the Different Amazon Advertising Types

Sponsored Products: Sponsored Product ads generate a lot of impressions in Amazon Advertising. They appear in search results, at top of search (the first row), and in the rest of the search results. They are also sprinkled in with organic listings, appear on product pages, and most notably below the product description. On the product page, there is a carousel of related Sponsored Products that could be viable alternatives.

Sponsored Brands: After Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands would be the next ad type to launch once you’re brand registered. The classic Sponsored Brand placement would be the banner ad that typically showcases three products at the top of search results. With Sponsored Brands, you can also showcase a storefront and get more creative. There is a tagline for the copy, and you can even include custom images, lifestyle images, or product images. Our favorite brand ad type would be Sponsored Brands Video, because it takes up a large space in search results and achieves excellent conversion rates. People are naturally drawn to videos, so if you have the assets, don’t forget to use them!

Sponsored Display Ads: There are two forms of display ads: audience targeting and product targeting. Audience targeting is off-site remarketing, where you are targeting an audience off Amazon, while product targeting is shown on Amazon on similar or complementary product pages. This ad type has good visual and is usually not as competitive as other ad types.

Amazon Demand-side Platform (DSP): This ad type is like Sponsored Display with its off-site remarketing but has more control where you can specify audience attributes such as demographics, geographic data, and much more. Once your product or group of products have 5,000 plus sessions per month, DSP is a great ad type to add to your arsenal.


Episode Highlights:

  • Founder’s Story [01:28]
  • Our Approach [03:00]
  • Seller Success Story #1: We got fired twice! [07:00]
  • Seller Success Story #2: From brick and mortar to ecommerce. [11:04]
  • What to Expect on Our Podcast [11:55]
  • Amazon Sponsored Products Overview [13:18]
  • Amazon Sponsored Brands Overview [15:07]
  • Amazon Sponsored Display Overview [16:14]
  • Amazon Demand-Side Program (DSP) [18:27]