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There are a number of common Seller Central issues that Amazon sellers experience and dealing with Seller Support can be time-consuming. Working with an agency to help resolve these issues can help expedite the troubleshooting process, but there are a few things you can try on your own before asking for professional assistance. In today’s episode, John Cavendish from Seller Candy joins us to talk through troubleshooting issues when selling on Amazon.

Key Items Covered:

  • Major issues that arise when selling on Amazon
  • Ways to resolve listing suspensions
  • Tips for cutting through Amazon’s automated responses

About John Cavendish 

John has a vast amount of experience owning and overseeing millions in sales on Amazon. This experience and managing his own brand led him to start a full-service Amazon agency, becoming a premier Amazon channel management provider for brands to scale fast while building a supportive team. John’s deep understanding of the Amazon seller experience and platform led to developing Seller Candy’s concept, providing the expert Virtual Assistant experience delivered as a service.

How to connect with John:

Agency website: Seller Candy




Episode Highlights: 

About Seller Candy [01:57]

Major issues to look out for as an Amazon seller [04:01]

Reasons for listing suspensions [05:01]

Ways to resolve listing suspensions [07:00]

Common issues sellers are facing today [08:50]

Tips for cutting through Amazon’s automated responses [11:34]

How to build a virtual team as a seller [13:18]

Upcoming challenges for selling on Amazon [17:13]