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Having been in the Amazon space for many years, we know first-hand how important it is to know what not to do in order to avoid wasted spend and time when managing your ads. Over time, we’ve found there are a handful of mistakes we see sellers make with their advertising strategy and optimization. In this episode, we call out the top 3 common mistakes we see sellers make, and how to mitigate or prevent them.

Top 3 Mistakes:

  1. Overcomplicating things from the start
  2. Underutilizing all the features with Amazon advertising
  3. Focusing on a single metric versus bigger picture

Episode Highlights

Intro    [00:38]

Steps to avoid overcomplicating ads from the start   [01:37]

Leaving money on the table by underutilizing Amazon advertising features           [10:46]  

Why focusing on a single metric vs. bigger picture may not be the best way to go [17:28]