Translating Success on Amazon to Success on Walmart






YoY Total Sales Growth

Looking to grow your brand on Walmart? Here’s what it can look like…

This client in the Cereal & Granola category launched ads on Walmart late December 2023.

They are 1P – selling in stores and online, so the recent launch of in-store attributed sales is a welcome addition in the Ad Center. We’ve seen both a lift in digital sales and in-store attributed ad sales, which has been valuable to monitor.

A beta including store attribution metrics in the Walmart Connect Ad Center was introduced during Q1 of 2024.

Here’s how we got this client off to a running start:

  • Full utilization of all ad types, including Sponsored Products Auto & Manual, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Video, and Display Self-Serve.
  • Harnessed what worked on Amazon – using Amazon’s top search terms for Walmart keyword targeting.
  • Implemented a market share growth strategy, improving “granola” ranking and search term impression share growth.

We now have three full months of management under our belts and here are the results:

  • 9MM Impressions
  • 3x ROAS
  • +100%- 200% YoY Total Sales Growth
  • Search rank for “granola” improved from 9 to 6 & market share jumped from 6.64% to 37.61%

We went from being completely nonexistent on the ‘granola’ search term when we first launched to having it now become our largest impression keyword.

Next we will continue to build on this success, working up the funnel to more broad category keyword growth.

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