A Pet Supplies Brand Scales Success with Amazon DSP


Increase in Sessions


Increase in Customer Branded Search Terms


Increase in Total Order Items

When the time was right, the introduction of Amazon’s DSP into this client’s advertising mix led to near-instant success.

This client of ours in the Pet Supplies Category has been with Ad Advance for nearly two years. But we’ve only been utilizing Amazon’s DSP for the past year. Why?


We knew DSP would be a great fit from the beginning, but like many others have experienced over the past few years, inventory disruptions kept our plan on hold. Similar to our Sponsored Ads philosophy, we wouldn’t want to spend advertising dollars running DSP for a client if we run the risk of accelerating an out-of-stock situation.

So we spent our first year of management, building out a strong PPC foundation – finding any gaps and opportunities to flesh out. Within that first year, we tripled our monthly impressions and increased our ad sales by 40% with minimal ACoS fluctuation.

How do we know when it is appropriate to start DSP?
It all comes down to being in sync with our clients. Collaborative, transparent conversations are key in driving a successful partnership with great results.


Introduction of Amazon dsp

With inventory woes behind us, we launched a full-funnel DSP plan to help drive brand awareness, steal market share from competitors, re-engage past purchasers, and retarget interested shoppers. By targeting and layering the right audiences, along with strategic budget allocation, we saw an immediate injection into our total sales.

In our first eight months of Amazon DSP with this client, we increased budget three times while continually growing total sales month over month.

The scalability of success for this client was possible through our full-funnel strategy. By spanning the funnel we are constantly building a larger audience that we can continue to engage with our ads. It’s what we call “feeding the funnel.”

Strategies implemented

  • Lifestyle
  • In-Market
  • Competitor Retargeting
  • ASIN Retargeting
  • Cross Purchase
  • ASIN Repurchase

The introduction of Amazon DSP for this client scaled their total sales by 33% in just six months, but the impact goes beyond the sales numbers.

It’s also about brand-building and putting the work in now for future conversions. Since the start of Amazon DSP with this client, our Customer Branded Search Terms are up 4.3x – indicating an increase in brand awareness. This is key in ensuring our current success also translates to future success.

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