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Jon Derkits of Forum Brands joins us on The Ad Project podcast this week to talk through his experience strategically purchasing and growing Amazon FBA brands. Jon personally has an impressive background working for Amazon directly, where he led the third-party marketplace for consumer electronics on the Amazon Canada side of the business. Features like north American remote fulfillment subscribe and save and seller fulfilled prime all came out of his team during his time at Amazon.

Jon notes that empowering Amazon brands to grow was probably the highlight of his time at Amazon. Now with Forum Brands, Jon still gets to engage with sellers, help them build, kick start the next chapter of their lives by taking their business off their hands and continuing their legacy.

How do people who are looking to potentially sell their brands really help to increase their valuation or help to set themselves apart? How do you figure out who to reach out to if you’re looking to sell your brand? Tune in for answers to these questions and much more.