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As a seller, it’s critical to get your products directly in front of your audience. Surprisingly, many sellers still depend solely on Amazon’s organic traffic. If you’re looking to take things to the next level, ad optimization and external traffic can really level up your advertising game.  

In this episode, Joe Shelerud and Victor Dwyer, an Entrepreneur, Marketer, Amazon & Advertising specialist, talk through tips and strategies for Amazon Sponsored Display ads, how sellers can drive external traffic to their listings, iOS privacy updates, and Amazon attribution. 

As the Amazon world becomes more competitive, sellers must stay in the know and find more ways to get ahead. Driving external traffic allows you to gain additional customers, build organic rankings, and much more. You’ll also get the inside scoop on external traffic and how to use these findings to optimize all advertising campaigns to boost overall sales. 

Episode Highlights:  

Introduction to Victor Dwyer [00:59]  

Overview on Sponsored Display Ads  [01:38]  

What is Amazon Attribution  [05:30]  

How privacy changes on iOS affects conversion tracking and Amazon attribution [08:32

How Amazon sellers can generate external traffic to their listings  [19:22