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Amazon TACoS is a metric that tends to be put on the backburner when it comes to measuring success on Amazon. But, why? Understanding what this metric means and using it to set big picture goals can significantly help sellers set themselves up for success.

 In this episode, Joe Shelerud and Lucas Kwiatkowski dive into TACoS, organic ranking, and how to properly prepare your brands for sale.

About Lucas Kwiatkowski

Lucas started managing PPC over 7 years ago and loved it from the start. He still enjoys diving deep into the advertising data for all of his accounts and usually comes up with advanced PPC topics not popular within the space. Lucas is very involved with all of his clients and takes a hands-on approach to managing their business growth. He spends a lot of time making YouTube videos to help smaller sellers master the art of PPC while also teaching them advanced tactics.

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Episode Highlights:

Intro [0:28]

Understanding TACoS [02:46]

What TACoS target to shoot for? [05:18]

What to do if you’re already ranking at the top organically? [13:47]

Different types of ads management [17:33]

Key things to look at when preparing your brands for sale [22:10]