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Key Takeaways: 

  • If you’re not protecting your brand, you could be losing a lot of market share, brand presence, or your customer’s lifetime value to a competitor.
  • Setting up branded defense campaigns tends to generate a lower cost per click since they have a good conversion rate.
  • Bid aggressively on your brand defense campaigns to make sure you own top of search placements.
  • Make it as easy as possible for shoppers to find the product they’re looking for with your keyword mix.
  • If your product has various models, we suggest breaking out each model into its own ad group and use attribute-specific branded keywords for each ad group.
  • ASIN defense strategy works for all sponsored ad types. Own as many placements as possible.
  • ASIN defense can help to make your listings more cohesive which helps build brand awareness.
  • ASIN defense is also a great strategy to push competition off your product pages.


Why advertise for your brand when people are already searching for it?

Here’s a quick to-do: search on Amazon for your branded keywords and see if any competitors are showing up higher than your branded products. If yes, then competitors are more than likely stealing your sales.

In this episode, we dive into Amazon advertising defense strategies like Brand Defense and ASIN Defense to help you maximize sales and defend your brand from the competition.

Defensive Amazon Advertising Strategies: Brand Defense Campaigns: 

Amazon is a very brand-agnostic platform where each listing looks the same. Trying to build out a strong brand presence can be really hard to do. To take things to the next level, even after building out your brand, you’ll need to defend it from competitors trying to steal your sales.

Setting up brand defense campaigns is a great way to protect your brand. Top of search and Sponsored Brands are the first few placements on Amazon that generate a massive amount of clicks and conversions. If you are not in these placements when shoppers search for your brand, you will lose market share.

 When implementing brand defense strategies:

  1. Launch brand defense campaigns with Sponsored Ads. Group all your products in an ad group (except products with different models).
  2. Utilize fixed bids in a high top of search setting to fully own top placements.
  3. Avoid using branded search broad match keywords for Sponsored Brands. Use phrase match keywords instead.

Defensive Amazon Advertising Strategies – ASIN Defense: 

ASIN defense is a cross-promotion strategy where you’re using product targeting to advertise your products on product pages. One of the key benefits of ASIN defense is to fully own ad placements on your product page. This means when a shopper clicks on your listing, they’ll see your full catalog of products. This helps to push competitors off your product page, therefore increasing click-throughs to your products.

 Prerequisites to using ASIN defense strategy:

  1. Multiple products with multiple parent listings.
  2. Multiple products within the same category.

ASIN defense strategy gives shoppers fewer opportunities to go to your competitors’ pages and allows sellers to own their product pages with their ads.

Episode Highlights: 

Should you protect your brand on Amazon? [01:32]

How to implement brand defense strategies? [05:10]

What is ASIN Defense strategy? [09:54]

Benefits to using ASIN Defense strategy [10:19]

Things you need before using ASIN defense strategy [11:19]

Tactics when using ASIN defense [13:20]

How to implement ASIN defense strategy [15:15]