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Key Takeaways

  • There are two different ad types with Sponsored Display: Product targeting and Audience targeting.
  • All brand registered sellers should utilize Sponsored Display product targeting.
  • Sponsored Display product targeting ads are shown on Amazon product pages.
  • Sponsored Display audience targeting ads are shown off Amazon and predominantly offsite remarketing.
  • If you are using Sponsored Product product targeting, utilize all the data from this ad type and create Sponsored Display product targeting ads.
  • Two main strategies we recommend with Sponsored Display product targeting are cross-promoting your own products and conquesting similar products.
  • Utilize taglines with Sponsored Display ads to boost engagements and conversion rates.
  • We recommend using ASINs and purchases retargeting when setting up Sponsored Display audience targeting campaigns.


Sponsored Display ads is another ad type in the Sponsored Ads suite. These ads are available to sellers who are brand registered and targets shoppers both on and off Amazon. In this episode, we talk through Sponsored Display ads, where these show up and strategies you can implement with Sponsored Display ad campaigns.

Type of Sponsored Display Ads: 

There are two types of Sponsored Display ads: Sponsored Display Product targeting Ads and Sponsored Display audience targeting ads. Both ad types are powerful in targeting shoppers across different stages of the buying journey and can help improve sales drastically.

Amazon Sponsored Display Product Targeting: 

These ad placements are all on Amazon. These are very similar to Sponsored Products product targeting. Instead, ads show up in unique places like below the buy box or below the description on competitors’ pages. These ads are charged on a cost per click basis, similar to Sponsored Products. If you currently have Sponsored Products product targeting campaigns running, you should utilize all the data from those campaigns to set up Sponsored Display product targeting ads.

Amazon Sponsored Display Audience Targeting: 

Like how it sounds, audience targeting targets a specific audience segmented into a couple of categories. Some common strategies sellers utilize with audience targeting include ASIN retargeting, similar product retargeting, and category audience targeting, where sellers can segregate the audience by searches and purchases.

Of all the strategies mentioned, we recommend using ASIN retargeting and purchases audience targeting depending on your price. We find that purchases audience targeting converts very well for consumables or products with repeat purchases. While as a high-level approach, we’ve discovered ASIN retargeting to do the best among the different types.

*Note that this ad type is one of the lower performing ones and the one we recommend to sellers who have some money left over in their advertising budget. On the other hand, this ad type can be very beneficial to help build out your brand long term and help bring in customers over the long run.

Episode Highlights: 

What is Sponsored Display ads? [01:16]

Sponsored Display product targeting [02:01]

How does Sponsored Display product targeting ads perform? [06:12]

Sponsored Display audience targeting [10:04]

When to use Sponsored Display audience targeting [14:34]

Key differences between Sponsored Display and DSP [18:14]