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Previously, we covered Amazon Sponsored products and how important it is to set up a funnel structure. We discussed starting with your discovery campaigns to find high performing targets and moving those downstream to exact campaigns where you’ll have a lot more control. In this episode, we dive deeper into why you may not need a funnel structure for every single manual campaign but instead have a funnel structure for each of your products. We also touched on strategies you can implement with standalone manual campaigns like brand defense, ASIN defense, and ranking campaigns to help take your business to the next level.

Key Takeaways: 

  • If you are just getting started, you should focus on building your funnel structure first.
  • Brand defense campaigns are manual campaigns where you add keywords related to your brand name. These don’t require keywords to be filtered from auto campaigns but include your branded keywords to help protect your brand.
  • We recommend utilizing manual campaigns for a specific targeted purpose like grouping products of the same color or size to boost conversion rates.
  • We recommend working on setting up other manual campaigns like ASIN defense and ranking campaigns for established sellers. This can overall drive more ad sales, visibility, and profits.

Grouping Your Products: 

Looking at your general funnel structure, we recommend grouping variants together and finding common search terms for all those variants. If you have specific terms, whether by various sizes, colors, types, etc., we recommend structuring them separately into other manual campaigns. This will allow you to hit those specific targets using specific keywords and bidding to boost conversion.

Strategies To Implement With Standalone Manual Campaigns: 

  1. Brand Defense Campaign Strategy: A brand defense campaign is where you add keywords related to your brand name to your campaigns. This is a standalone manual campaign since having an auto campaign won’t help because they’re not able to only pick your branded keywords. Taking this manual approach defends your brand from being conquested by other sellers. This allows you to retain more of your market share by kicking off competitors leeching sales from your brand.
  2. Product Variations: We recommend grouping products with specific terms, whether by size, e.g., size 30 jeans or by color, e.g., white hats, in standalone manual campaigns. In these campaigns, you can add keywords that are only related to that product variation, which allows you to have more control, thus increasing conversion rates.
  3. ASIN Defense Campaigns: ASIN defense is a product targeting only campaign where you target your own products in that campaign. It requires a standalone manual campaign since you’ll select your own ASINs to showcase your other substitutes or other products in your line that they can be bundled with.
  4. Ranking Campaigns: Ranking campaigns are used to group high relevant keywords to boost organic ranking. These campaigns require manual standalone campaigns where you’ll utilize placements like top-of-search and aggressive bidding to generate more impressions and conversions. Over time as these campaigns perform, they will help to boost your organic rankings.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Rehash of Sponsored Products manual campaign funnel structure [01:46]
  • Funnel structure by ad type [04:06]
  • Running manual campaigns without auto campaigns [05:59]
  • Brand defense campaigns [06:25]
  • Seller story: utilizing manual campaigns for specific product variations [07:02]
  • ASIN defense campaigns [14:18]
  • Ranking campaigns [17:52]