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Having highly relevant targets and strategic campaign structures is not the end-all-be-all when managing your ads.

Often, we see sellers focusing too much on their campaign structures and targets while taking a reactive approach to bidding, which usually results in poor advertising performance. It is important to understand that successful campaigns are designed with a step-by-step, strategic and proactive bidding approach that aligns with the overall business goals.

In today’s episode, I was happy to be joined by Michael Erickson Facchin from Ad Badger to dive into various bid optimization strategies. We had a great time discussing how sellers can optimize their bids to align with overall business goals and get the most from their advertising efforts.

Topics discussed:

  • Setting initial bids for new campaigns         
  • The approach to bidding for a new product launch
  • Overall bid adjustment strategies
  • Understanding the value of the next click

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