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The last couple of weeks has been busy with Amazon advertising new features releases. We understand that it can be pretty difficult for sellers and advertisers to stay on top of all the new features, which is why we’ve decided to review the majority of the new features released in today’s episode. For each feature, Matt and Joe discussed the features use and how these can tie into your current advertising strategy.

Episode Highlights

Sponsored Products Rule Based Bidding                   [01:23]

Updated lookback windows for Sponsored Display audiences [09:17]

Forecasted impression share and impression rank for recommended keywords [11:56]

New sort by feature for recommended keywords [15:53]

Sponsored Brands bid optimization for new-to-brand customers       [16:21]

Automated Translation of Keywords [18:39]

Sponsored Display bidding updates   [22:20]

Amazon API support for Sweden [24:30]