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It’s the talk of the town about how competitive it is to sell on Amazon these days. It’s also no secret that as a seller you’ll need to implement strategies and take advantage of new features to stay on top. Amazon continually provides sellers with more and more tools to establish a brand presence and connect with their customers. In this episode, Destaney Wishon from Better AMS joins Joe Sheleurd to talk through ways sellers can create and build a brand on Amazon using new features such as Amazon posts and lives. With Amazon advertising costs increasing, we wanted to touch on other ways sellers can utilize these tools to help diversify their investment on Amazon. 

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Episode Highlights: 

Intro [00:20

Amazon posts and how to use them [03:07

Long term predictions with Amazon posts [10:52]

Highlighting Amazon new features [14:15

Future expectations with Amazon advertising trends [21:37

What should brands focus on for Q4? [27:24