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With only a few days to Prime Day 2021, most sellers would’ve already planned what deals they’re running, set up coupons, and had conversations with their advertising team. The summer months are usually low for traffic across all e-commerce platforms, as people are focused more on being outside, soaking up the warmer months. Amazon sees this as an excellent opportunity to bring attention back to their platform by offering skyrocket deals over two days. In this episode, both Matt Wiklund and Joe Shelerud recorded a live episode where they talked through strategies to ensure sellers set up themselves for success during the two-day event.

Main content covered in this episode:

  • Lead-In to Prime Day
  • CPC & Conversion Rate Trends
  • Inventory & Product Mix
  • Budget & Bid Adjustments
  • Post-Prime Day Strategies

Episode Highlights:

Intro [00:23]

Introduction on expectations around Prime Day [01:29]

Key metrics to watch on Prime Day [06:10]

Recommendations on how to make Prime Day a success [11:07]

Things to consider after Prime Day [18:52]

Q&A Session [24:32]