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How do you scale your ads after getting past the initial phase of setting up your

campaigns manually? Like many sellers, you’ve probably heard a lot about bulk

files. As the next step to stepping up optimizing your campaigns, we recommend

utilizing bulk files. Bulk files help with making manual moves within your

campaigns much easier while staying organized. It also allows you to analyze

your entire advertising account in one spreadsheet, saving busy

sellers/advertisers a lot of time. In today’s episode, Joe Shelerud is joined

by Elizabeth Greene from Junglr to discuss the benefits and tips when using bulk files.

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Episode Highlights:

Intro                         [00:26]

Where should advertisers start when using bulk sheets?       [03:28]

Benefits for using bulk files               [05:04]

Tips on how to use bulk files for Amazon ads management [08:23]

Using bulk files vs. automation software                            [14:06]

Keyword research and bulk files                                          [19:44]