Choosing the Right Amazon Advertising Manager

Pros and Cons to consider when choosing and entrusting an Amazon advertising manager

An Advertising Manager is responsible for managing your advertising campaigns and maximizing your campaign performance to achieve your business targets.


With the ever-increasing complexity and competition on the Amazon Advertising Platform, it is tough to keep up with the DIY campaigns as a seller. By outsourcing PPC management to an expert on the latest features and best practices, you gain an advantage over your competition.

It is challenging to identify the right Amazon Ad Manager. Read below to explore the various types of ad managers and weigh their advantages and disadvantages.


The first option that you can seek is the independent freelance Advertising Manager to help you with your accounts. This type of support typically consists of one or a couple of people who freelance independently of a larger advertising agency.


  • Can provide more personalized approach since your business can be a larger portion of their revenue.
  • Are not set to more rigid campaign structures and could offer higher levels of experimentation.
  • Can be cheaper than the other options


  • Typically this type of support has limited tools and can miss out on the opportunity that more sophisticated systems and software could utilize.
  • Can be difficult to find experienced support and may not achieve optimal end results.

Who the Independent Freelancer is good for?

Finding a lower-cost independent freelancer can be a great option for those just starting out or only selling a couple of products. In these cases, the benefits of using a more experienced agency may not outweigh the extra costs of using these services. This is a great approach to build up your advertising data and then once you’ve grown your ad sales to about $5k-$10k per month, you can invest in one of the other options below.

To find an independent freelancer, the best option we see is to use the freelancer sites like UpworkFreeeUp, and Freelancer. Other sources such as LinkedIn or Indeed can provide some good applicants but may take more time to sift through.

OPTION 2: Amazon PPC Software Company Offering Full Management

The first option that you can seek is the independent freelance Advertising Manager to help you with your accounts. This type of support typically consists of one or a couple of people who freelance independently of a larger advertising agency.


  • Typically they have well-developed dashboards that you can use to monitor your performance outside of Seller Central.
  • Their tools can allow you to take advantage of some of the more complex aspects of Amazon Advertising and automate different parts of your ad campaigns.
  • The Advertising Manager should already be vetted by these established companies.


  • Typically much more expensive support for your campaigns since you’re paying for the platform and the Advertising Manager to get full campaign management separately.
  • Can have a more rigid campaign structure since all capabilities need to fit within the existing platform’s software.
  • Fees are typically variable (based on spend or sales). As you grow your business, you end up paying more for the same support over time.

Who the PPC SOFTWARE COMPANY is good for?

Those that want a very refined dashboard to make changes personally to their campaigns with or without the support of a dedicated account manager will enjoy this option.  If you want full management, you will eventually have to sign up for their management service at an additional cost. Waiting until you have higher ad sales is recommended for full management since costs may be much higher than the benefits for lower volume sellers.

To find PPC Software Companies, established options include TeikametricsSeller Labs and PPC Scope for full management of your campaigns. Their main offerings include their self-service dashboards but they offer managed services for those seeking full campaign management.

OPTION 3: Full Service Amazon Advertising Management Agency

The third option includes full service agencies who offer a suite of services along with Amazon Advertising management support for their clients. These agencies tend to be much less focused on software development and more focused on personal management.


  • Can utilize full account strategies which include your listings, product launches, SEO and advertising as a whole since they are managing it all.
  • Are not set to more rigid campaigns structures and could offer higher levels of experimentation with items like advertising.
  • The Advertising Manager should already be vetted by these established agencies.


  • Potential to not get much of your Advertising Manager’s time if they have other larger accounts to manage.
  • May miss out on benefits that those with sophisticated software can capture.
  • Full-service agencies may lack detailed expertise in any one area such as advertising since their efforts are spread throughout the platform.

Who the FULL SERVICE AGENCY is good for?

Those that want a single agency to manage all options within their Amazon account should consider this option. It is recommended for larger sellers due to higher fees and making sure you have a large enough account where you are getting adequate focus from your account manager.

Full service Amazon agencies include options like Single GrainChannel Key, and Digital Operative. Google searches can also find local agencies to help you with your full service account management.

Which Category Does Ad Advance Belong To?

At Ad Advance, we’ve taken the approach to bridge the gap to get the benefits of both the Amazon PPC software providers and the full service agencies.

We’ve built our software systems from the ground up to support expert PPC management for your campaigns instead of trying to reconfigure a general dashboard after the fact.

This allows us to unlock the performance benefits of sophisticated software along with personalized and flexible account management. Since our software can automate a lot of the details, it frees up our time to work directly with you while being able to provide full account management at a great price. Our deep understanding on the Amazon algorithm and various PPC concepts paired with our dynamic platform is a guaranteed recipe to outsell your competition.

We Provide End-to-end Amazon Advertising Management

This includes:

  • Campaign Creation
  • Dedicated Management
  • Bid Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Performance Dashboards
  • Weekly Reports

We combine advanced PPC software with well-trained Amazon Advertising Managers.

We’d be happy to provide a free consultation to give you an insight into the health of your current campaigns and walk you through our tools to come up with the right strategy for your business.

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