Running Gear Brand Embraces Quick Wins to Propel Long-Distance Success


Ad Sales Increase





Implementing an overhauled full-funnel campaign structure helped this running gear brand sprint to quick wins and build the foundation to win ultra-marathons.

TrailHeads is dedicated to designing innovative headbands, gloves, hats and related accessories that deliver performance, comfort and exceptional quality. Ad Advance helped elevate their brand by improving campaign segmentation, implementing keyword funnels, launching new ad types, and moving up-funnel with conquesting and awareness campaigns – both through Sponsored Ads and DSP. Perhaps most crucial to our success, we built close relationships with their incredible team, helping us tailor a perfect strategy based on an intimate understanding of their brand’s objectives and catalog.

Learn how our advertising strategies helped TrailHeads reach new customers and increase ad sales by $70k per month while improving campaign efficiency.

Established in 2002, TrailHeads is dedicated to designing innovative headbands, gloves, hats and related accessories that deliver performance, comfort and exceptional quality. 

Integrated Targeting Funnels

Data doesn’t lie, but it does tell stories – it’s our job to listen. Stories grow more honest when we link campaigns together and consolidate data across all campaign types. When product targets performed well in Sponsored Products, we tested them in Sponsored Display. When keywords converted well in Sponsored Products, we tested them in Sponsored Brands. We created integrated campaign series, then aggregated data across them to make better decisions. This process added immense value to their brand by improving our accuracy and continually feeding fresh targets into every available ad placement.


When we inherited their campaigns, we identified gaps in their current strategies. They were missing some high-value ad types, like Sponsored Display, Sponsored Brands, Video, and DSP. We stepped up their investment in Sponsored Display (especially product targeting) and Sponsored Brands (especially video) by nearly 25x while introducing DSP. These new ad types delivered significant growth at a ROAS well above their goals while reaching an audience they weren’t previously.

We also leveraged every feature to its full potential when managing campaigns. First, we created unique campaign segments (like defense, cross promotion, conquesting, ranking, and high/low funnel campaign strategies, and others we keep to ourselves) to ensure campaigns were as controllable as possible. Next, we set unique objectives for each campaign segment tailored to the campaign strategy, client’s objectives, and product mix. Finally, we tailored our optimization to the unique attributes of every campaign – between bidding strategies, budget, placement settings, and all the other controls at our disposal – no stone was left unturned in our Sponsored Ads approach.


We’re perfectly capable of operating independently and everything we do, we do for our clients. We also believe that our relationships with clients translate to tangible benefits in our campaigns. This couldn’t be more true for TrailHeads – where communication and knowledge transfer have helped us become an extension of their team.

We know their catalog like the back of our hand. We proactively manage seasonality to get the most our of their products at every time of the year. We’ve learned their goal KPIs and when to hit the gas pedal or ease off the throttle, based on changes in inventory. Our relationship has helped us learn their audience and, in turn, which different ad formats and targets will spin the flywheel.

Special thanks to Karen and Ed at TrailHeads

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