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Amazon DSP

The Next Generation of Amazon Advertising

Amazon’s Demand-Side-Platform (DSP) ads
are the future of Amazon advertising.

Think of them as an upgrade from your typical Sponsored Ads experience.

Amazon Display Ads - customers shopping online

Amazon DSP Ads allow advertisers to extend their reach beyond Amazon search ads and placements. Unlike Amazon Sponsored Ads, we’re not limited to targeting products or keywords.

Amazon DSP data of customers shopping online

Instead, we’re analyzing shopping habits with Amazon’s exclusive data to build custom audiences. We then target those audiences in millions of unique placements – both on and off Amazon.

How Amazon DSP is a great fit for your brand

How DSP Advertising Could be a Great Fit for Your Brand

You want to gain an edge on your competition, grow market share, tap into unmet audiences, and increase the effectiveness of your advertising.

You want to push past what’s possible creatively with Sponsored Ads.

You’d benefit from the ability to segment into infinite audiences based on buying habits, interests, demographics, browsing behavior, location, and beyond.

You want to increase brand awareness & loyalty while simultaneously generating a measurable return.

Let’s get started

We work with brands who are ready to expand and invest in their digital advertising strategy. Every brand has a different story, so this looks different for everyone we work with.

Amazon Dsp Ads Allow Us To

Icon Amazon customer journey

Develop a deeper understanding of the customer journey

icon reach

Expand our reach beyond Amazon

icon funnel

Target shoppers at every stage of the funnel

Unlike many agencies out there, Ad Advance has no minimum spend requirements for DSP advertising. We’ll help you get started at a budget that makes sense for you and scale from there when you see results.

With DSP ads, we can reach the right audience at the right time, without the targeting restraints of running Sponsored Ads alone.

Expand a DSP Audience Below to Learn More


Lifestyle audiences are based on shopper’s ongoing online behavior.


In-market audiences are built based on someone’s shopping behavior on Amazon – specifically related to the category page they visit.

Competitor Purchase

Competitor purchasing audiences are built based on people who previously purchased a competitor ASIN.

Competitor Retargeting

Competitor retargeting audiences are built based on people who visited a competitor ASIN but didn’t convert.

Cross Retargeting

Cross retargeting audiences target people that viewed one of seller’s other ASIN but didn’t convert (e.g. audience viewed $120 watch, now retarget with similar $80 watch).

Pixel Retargeting

Pixel retargeting audiences are built based on people who visited an external website containing a tracking pixel.

Asin Retargeting

ASIN retargeting audiences are built based on people who visit your product detail page and don’t convert.

Cross Purchase

Cross purchase audiences target people that previously purchased seller’s complementary ASIN (e.g. audience purchased a pencil, now target with pencil sharpener).

Asin Repurchase

Repurchase audiences target people that previously purchased the seller’s own ASIN.

The best part? We manage both Sponsored Ads and Amazon DSP, which means we can continually assess ad performance in a holistic way and maximize our impact.

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